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Kershaw County Christmas Parades

Every December, Kershaw County, South Carolina, transforms into a lively canvas of parades, weaving through its towns and communities, infusing the air with festivity and cheer. Let’s dive into the captivating parades awaiting locals and visitors alike in 2023.

Elgin Catfish Stomp Parade: December 2nd, 2023

Kicking off the celebratory extravaganza is the Elgin Catfish Stomp Parade on December 2nd. As the clock strikes 10 AM, the streets at the corner of Bowen and Main Street in Elgin will come alive with colorful floats, marching bands, and enthusiastic participants. The parade captures the essence of Elgin’s spirit, showcasing its heritage and pride, alongside the famous Catfish Stomp Festival.

Expect a delightful procession featuring local businesses, community groups, and spirited performances. Children wave excitedly as Santa Claus himself makes a grand appearance, marking the start of the holiday season in Elgin. The parade’s exuberance resonates, inviting everyone to share in the town’s joy and camaraderie.

Kershaw County Christmas Parade: December 9th, 2023

The following Saturday, on December 9th, the streets of downtown Camden come alive with the annual Kershaw County Christmas Parade. Commencing at 10 AM from the corner of Broad and Laurens, this parade paints a picturesque scene as it traverses along Broad Street, culminating at the City Arena.

Locals line the sidewalks, bundled in coats and scarves, eagerly anticipating the procession of beautifully adorned floats, marching bands playing merry tunes, and community organizations spreading cheer. The air buzzes with excitement as children eagerly collect candies and treats tossed from passing floats, and the sight of Santa Claus atop his sleigh brings smiles to faces young and old.

Lights of Lugoff Christmas Parade: December 9th, 2023

As daylight fades on December 9th, the Lights of Lugoff Christmas Parade takes center stage, illuminating the night with its brilliance. Starting at 6:30 PM from the BP Station in Lugoff, the parade travels along US Highway #1 South, turning right onto 34. This nighttime spectacle twinkles with dazzling lights, creating a magical ambiance as beautifully decorated floats glide through the streets.

This unique parade offers a mesmerizing experience, with vibrant displays lighting up the dark winter night. Families gather, bundled in blankets, sipping hot cocoa as they watch the procession pass by, marking a splendid end to a day filled with holiday festivities.

Boykin Christmas Parade: December 17th, 2023

The Boykin Christmas Parade, scheduled for 2PM on December 17th, welcomes everyone to join in the merriment. Boykin, steeped in history and community charm, opens its streets to a parade that celebrates the holiday spirit in a uniquely Boykin fashion. Participants from near and far come together to create a procession filled with joy, unity, and the heartwarming essence of the season.

In 2023, Kershaw County’s parades promise not just vibrant displays and joyful processions but also a sense of community, togetherness, and the timeless enchantment of the holiday season. These parades serve as beacons of celebration, uniting residents and visitors in the spirit of merriment and goodwill. Join in the festivities and create cherished memories amidst the magic of these spectacular events!